Hat Hints

Always stand up when trying on a hat, to make sure the size is right for your height and build.

Generally hatinators are worn dropping down to your right shoulder.  Decorations, flowers, feathers, bows etc are always on the right.

Just remember "women are always right", hopefully that will help you to remember.

FULL FACE: Upturned brims will give you height.  


ROUND FACE: Watch the width and go for shape and detail that add height.  Hats worn at an angle are best.

SQUARE FACE: You need to look for a hat you can wear at a jaunty angle.  Side details add softness.

LONG FACE: Wide brims will play down the length of your face.

PETITE FEATURES: Your hat should be a neat one, too - ideally a small shape worn at a jaunty angle.

IF YOU WEAR GLASSES:  Look for small shapes.

Hat Care

Rain is a hat's worst enemy!

Just a few minutes in the rain can ruin a lovely hat.  Do not get your hat wet, however if it has been worn in a damp atmosphere leave it at room temperature (not in its box) and keep it flat to avoid it becoming mishapened.

I have transparent umbrellas available for rental too!

Hat Pegs

I ask that should pegs be supplied for hats in marquees please do not peg my hats as it dents and damages them.

3 Top Tips

  • If possibe choose your outfit before your headpiece.  The style and colour of your outfit wil help determine the perfect headpiece.
  • Consider your hair style before choosing your headpiece.  Hatinators and fascinators work well with any hairstyle, whilst large hats tend to look better with simplified styles.
  • Most importantly be YOU and wear your chosen headpiece with confidence and flair.